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We know how difficult the decision about leaving your pet while you're away can be. Why not give us a call to discuss any concerns you may have? Or even pay us a visit and take a look around? During your call or your visit, be sure to mention anything that concerns you about leaving your dog.

All staff are fully experienced with looking after diabetic and epileptic dogs and cats. We do not take risks with the health of our boarders, we seek the very best of veterinary attention whenever the need arises - for which we request your permission on checking in your dog. We have a great deal of experience and can often help, advise and reassure you about your dog's accommodation.


All our facilities have been specifically designed to maximise the care and attention that we give to our guests, ranging from the provision of individual menus and the facility to administer medications that you require for your pet. 

We pay fanatical attention to cleanliness and all rooms are maintained to the hygienic and comfortable standard that makes us proud and you and your pets happy and secure.

We only use SAFE4 products on our premises. Safe4 Disinfectant range is a premier disinfectant, and is used by Hospitals, Veterinary Surgeons, Top Breeders, Animal Charities and Sanctuaries, Zoos, Kennels & Catteries all over the world.


Each of our guest are entitled to their own room. However, guests who live together are more than welcome to stay with each other!

Our facilities are designed for cats and dogs; however, we do cater for more than just them. We can check if we have suitable accommodation for the following guests: Rabbits, Guinea Pig, Hamsters, Budgies, Parrots.

Discounts are available for multiple pets and shared occupancy.

How will my pet be fed?

All dogs and cats are fed as individual animals and our aim is to feed your pet the same food that he would have at home. Please notify us of your pet’s feeding requirements at the time of booking. We prefer you to bring your own food so their diet does not change.

Conditions of boarding

  • Under no circumstances will a pet be admitted to our premises without up to date vaccination records. For dogs, these include the yearly vaccine (also known as the 7 in 1 Vaccine) and the Kennel Cough Vaccine (also known as Bordetella bronchiseptica.) For cats, these include the yearly vaccine (known as the 5 in 1 Vaccine) and must also be injected against ringworm
  • Pets have to be dewormed and administered flea treatment 2 days before. A declaration from the vet or the owner as proof must be issued.

  • Dogs must be microchipped as per Maltese Law
  • The daily rate is charged from the day of entry up to the day of departure.

  • Should the need arise; a vet may be called in at the discretion of the management. All charges are the responsibility of the owner.

  • Should these conditions be breached, a €50 penalty may be issued at the discretion of the management.

  • A deposit is required on booking in peak season otherwise booking is cancelled.

  • Any cancellation not notified within 5 days before entry, a charge of 50% of the total booking may be issued at the discretion of the management.


Lucy-Ann Muscat


A very big thank you goes out to tat-targa kennels for the 6 day stay our border collie Kira spent with them. Excellent service, very professional in every sense. As a plus, Kira was groomed by Lino to perfection, she was brushed, trimmed, neatly clipped, washed and dried. This wasn't the first time Kira stayed at tat-targa kennels, will definitely seek their service again. Thank you Joanne and Ryan, well done.

Maria Pace


Thank you so much Tat-Targa boarding kennels. It was the first time I left my 2 dogs alone. They kept me updated with pics and msgs. I recommend there service to everyone. Super clean and staff really dedicated with animals. Thanks again for these 5 days. You will be seeing me in the future for sure

Chantal Cassar


A big thank you for the excellent and professional care and dedication to our dog Benjy and cat Muffin ..we couldn't have left them in a better place ...well done

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