Boarding Kennels

Boarding Kennels

We know how difficult the decision about leaving your dog while you're away can be. Why not give us a call to discuss any concerns you may have? Or even pay us a visit and take a look around? During your call or your visit, be sure to mention anything that concerns you about leaving your dog.

All staff are fully experienced with looking after diabetic and epileptic dogs and cats. We do not take risks with the health of our boarders, we seek the very best of veterinary attention whenever the need arises - for which we request your permission on checking in your dog. We have a great deal of experience and can often help, advise and reassure you about your dog's accommodation.

Reception Times:

Monday to Friday from 10:00 till 16:00

Saturday, Sunday & Public holidays from 10:00 till 12:00

All August: Monday to Sunday from 10:00 till 12:00

Closed on: 15th August, 8th September, 25th December and 1st January.

Open until noon also on: 24th December and 31st December   

Conditions of boarding:

1.     Under no circumstances will a pet be admitted to our premises without up to date vaccination records. For dogs, these include the yearly vaccine (also known as the 7 in 1 Vaccine) and the Kennel Cough Vaccine (also known as Bordetella bronchiseptica.) For cats, these include the yearly vaccine (known as the 5 in 1 Vaccine) and must also be injected against ringworm.

2.     Pets have to be dewormed and administered flea treatment 2 days before. A declaration from the vet or the owner as proof must be issued.

3.     The dog must be microchipped as per Maltese Law

4.     The daily rate is charged from the day of entry up to the day of departure.

5.     Should the need arise, a vet may be called in at the discretion of the management. All charges are the responsibility of the owner.

6.     Should these conditions be breached, a €50 penalty may be issued at the discretion of the management.

7.     A deposit is required on booking in peak season otherwise booking is canceled.


8.     Any cancellation not notified within 5 days before entry, a charge of 50% of the total booking may be issued at the discretion of the management.


Download the application form.




What we offer

· Open all year round

· Viewing welcome

· Short & Long term stays

· Collection & Delivery

· High quality diets, top food brands used

· Fully stocked shop for all your pet's needs

· Competitive Rates

Dogs and cats without an up to date vaccine card won't be permitted to the kennels.

  • Well done to all at Tat-Targa Boarding Kennels. I always take our dog to them and there isn't any other kennel were I would leave her with. She is always happy to be with them. Thanks Joanne for your patience and dedication with our pets you are one great team. You know how to keep our pets well while they are away from home. I just went for our dog this afternoon and I found her all nice and clean and perfumed after being washed and waiting for us in a clean kennel. Keep up the good work, you are all awesome. Lily will be seeing you again soon.

    Cynthia Pace Axiaq
  • Thank you for taking care of my Suede. My dog loves it there!! Thank you for your dedication.... (to all the staff) thank you for making my dog's stay always a pleasant one!

    Madeline George
  • Took our dogs for 9 days as we had to go for a holiday. The dogs were well cared for and were kept in optimal conditions with their kennel large enough to roam about. Well done and very satisfied!

    Marco Meli
  • Dundee is happy ! ... And his mom too ! :-) Thanks to Tat-Targa boarding kennels !

    Iaacov Demarque
  • Thanks for everything you did with my beloved dogs during these last years. I really appreciate it
    Vanessa Attard
  • Thanks to Joanne & Lino for taking care of Jack & Chico. Highly recommend them x
    Brigitte Urpani
  • We have always left our dogs ( sadly only one dog now) at Tat-Targa kennels and could not be happier with the service provided. It is always reassuring to know our beloved pet is looked after so well and that he is safe until our return. This time we asked for him to be groomed during his stay and they made a really good job of it. Thank you to all the dedicated staff who helped take care of Max for us. We appreciate all of you.❤️
    Melissa Pace
  • Thank you for all your assistance in the past weeks with looking after Muffly, and then getting him safely onwards to LHR. I would gladly use your services again if needed, and /or recommend your services to anyone without hesitation.   There were no problems with collecting him at LHR, and they kept good their promise of no quarantine, so Muffly is now able to enjoy his new garden down in Wales.  
    Huw Thomas